How To Speed Up Wndows 7 / 8

| Saturday, March 29, 2014

We all of them have this problem.
Am I correct? I think it’s a simple one.
I will teach you how to do that? You can follow those steps and speed up your computer.

       01)  Reduce start up files- 

Those files reduce start up speed.So,If you reduce those files,I confirm it will speed your system.
To reduce start  up files START à RUN à TYPE “msconfig” Then System Configuration menu will open,after that choose Start up tab.Then remove unwanted files and click ok.Then system will restart.

02) Increase your RAM to like 2 GB

    03) Uninstall unwant programmes.Go control panel and “Programs and Features” And you can do that.

        04) Remove transparent settings-

          You can see transparent view in task bar.If it remove you will be able to speed up your system.Right click on desktop and choose “Personalize” and choose a “Basic and High Contrast Themes”

    06)  Close desktop Gadgets-

  Take your mouse pointer front of the gadget and they will appear a close button.After click that button,the gadjet will be remove.

  07) Try to devide your hard disk to more partions.It will speed you system.
08)  Use good virus guard.Some viruses will reduce your system     speed.

     09) Do disk cleanup and defrag, when needed.

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